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The advantages in your hands

The advantages of forging steel are the special shaping and the high compression of steel.

Ash-wood handle

Our handles are made of unpainted ash.

Ash-wood is one of the preferred lumbers, where the highest standards of strength and elasticity are provided. The unpainted wood absorbs sweat and guarantee a firm grip. The perfect handle to complete the benefits of our forged spades.

Round-headed rivets

The rivets can be removed easily, quickly and cleanly for a handle-change.

Forged out of one piece

Only forging the material creates an interlocking steel and special tightness of the molecules, which results a high elasticity and resistance against wear-out and breaking. The blade of our spade absorbs excess power by a springing property and do not bent! This advantages can not be reached by a spade produced from metal sheet.

Forged back into the blade

Our spades are light in comparison to welded steel spades.

Forged spades reaching a high elasticity and resistance at a low blade-starch.

For a steel-sheet-spade a thick material is used to protect the blade from bending. In addition, extremely large, so-called cottage, pressed into the sheet in order to achieve stability. The spade becomes unnecessarily heavy.

Self-sharpening blade

The material of the blade tapering to the end. These so-called conical shape of the blade can not be reached by a spade produced from metal sheet.

Each blade wears out with time through the work.

But only conical blades are always be sharp. A property that makes penetration into soil and cutting roots very easy.

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