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A unique process of manufactoring

In order to create our high quality spade from a piece of raw steel it takes 26 steps. This work process is necessary to receive a spade with a blade which prevents soil from sticking to it and is self sharpening at the same time. A light weight yet strong and razor sharp tool you can always rely on.

To achieve this high skill of forging a blacksmith needs 5 to 6 years of training.

In forging our Baack spade we follow the long time tradition of the old masters. An average of 150 carefully placed hammer-blows result in an incredible strength and elasticity of the material.

For a Baack Spade enthusiast working with a 'normal' spade made from rolled sheet metal compares to walking behind a push lawnmower instead of using a ride-on one.

Through the forged center bar the sheet gets its stability, which can be achieved with industrially manufactured spades only by a so-called "out-pressed cottage".

This results in a large storage location at which the soil sticks permanently and thereby divides the working performance.

In the forged Baack spade the whole leaf is used

and thereby constantly scoured blank.

It therefore hardly sticks earth, and the work is much easier.

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